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Top Tips for a Visually Stunning Website in 2021

April 9, 2021
Top Tips for a Visually Stunning Website in 2021

Embrace Minimalism 

Ever hear someone say a website looks “busy?” In design terms, that means it contains an excess of distracting visual elements that can make it difficult for the visitor to figure out where to direct their attention. Opting for a simple, minimalist design not only makes your site look fresh and in-line with current trends, it means site visitors can easily absorb your business’s features and benefits. 

Add Animations

It’s 2021, and constant brain stimulation from things like social media and scrolling means the average person’s attention span is devastatingly short. Our eyes snap to anything that moves, changes, or offers something new for our mind to consider - making animations a key tool to have on your website. Keep visitors’ full attention as they move through your site by adding sophisticated animations that break through the static with captivating movement.

Prioritize Colors

Color is a foundational element of any design. Let’s take a look at two current color trends that will set your site apart as bold, modern, and effective at landing sales.

  • Color Cues

Using a variety of colors within your brand is a great way to subtly indicate different products (for example, you can’t remember the name of your favorite flavor of gum, but you know the wrapper is green!). Mirror this on your website with color differentiation between sections, pages, and products to reinforce your brand image and stand out in visitors’ minds.

  • Gradients

Gradient color schemes that flow into each other have come back into favor with designers in recent years, and we’re all for it. The smooth flow from one color to the next takes an ordinary page, background, or logo and makes it visually delicious.

Use High-Quality Photos & Videos

Don’t settle for cell-phone quality images on your website. Discerning site visitors appreciate, and are more likely to engage with, a business that invests in professionally produced visual content. Embedded videos, like animations, grab attention with movement and can personalize your brand to prospective customers. When your products and services are represented with clean, well-edited photos, your site visitors trust that your business is the real deal.

Go for Unique Shapes

Abstract design elements, such as unusual shapes, will make your website experience anything but boring. Disrupt a casual scan of your site with asymmetrical or even moving shapes and hone attention in on your key features. “Organic,” or smooth-edged shapes similar to what you’d find in nature (think waves, clouds, rivers), are set to be one of 2021’s biggest design trends.

Check out our work and let us know what you think! Connect with our team today and grow your business with a fresh, effective website design.